Associate Ministers

Rev. Ginger Adams                                    

Rev. Charles Goodson

Elder Janet Harris  (Director of Christian Education)

Min. Fredrick Hinton   (Baptist Training Union)

Min. Anthony Hinton  (Superintendent of Sunday School)

Rev. Ron Newkirk

Rev. Thelma Johnson                                                         

Rev Shirley Lane-Johnson                                                   

Rev.  Sherrill Dunn  



Deacon Ministry

Deacon Willie E. Jones

Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Nannie Staggers

Trustee Ministry

Trustee Russell Brown

Missionary Ministry

Deaconess Myrtle Claud

Youth Ministry

Youth Director Sister Jadis Robinson

Pastor Aide

Sister Blanche Mitchell

Layman's League

Trustee Bob Henry

Ladies League

Music Ministry

Minister of Music Bro. Vernon Johnson