GROPP- Good Hope Rites of Passage Male Mentoring Program


Good Hope Baptist Church Rites of Passage


What: The Good Hope Baptist Church Rites of Passage Program (GROPP-A Manhood Development Initiative) will assist young boys between the ages of 8 and 17 years of age in transitioning from one stage of life to another. Good Hope Baptist Church Rites of Passage Program (GROPP) will

  • Improve participants’ self -worth and respect for others, specifically girls and women.

  • Increase participants’ knowledge of and perspective of spirituality.

  • Cultivate participants’ interest in creating or building a stronger community

  • Enhance their appreciation of culture and heritage.

  • Develop a holistic understanding of themselves (mind, body and soul).

  • Identify their potential and refine their view of education.

Where: The program is located in Knightdale, NC. Good Hope Baptist Church, 4209 S Smithfield Rd, Knightdale, NC 27591

Who will be served: The persons that will be served in this program will be African American boys between the ages of 8 and 17 years of age.

Persons providing services: Facilitators/ Mentors / Elders will facilitate this program serving as persons assisting young boy’s transition to manhood.

Duration of program: This program will be facilitated for nine months culminating in a community acknowledgment and celebration ceremony. Our next session will begin February 4, 2017.

 Applications are on church website under the Form tab